Alpha Blondy cancels tour

The bad news came out a few days ago, we regret to announce the cancellation of Alpha Blondy on the SUMMER VIBRATION 2023. All the staff of the festival wishes him a speedy recovery, and who knows… Maybe will he will be among us on the 2024 edition? And in order to compensate for the frustration, we will announce in a very short time a new round of artists who will come to put the faya on the two stages of the festival, the Mainstage and the Nutty Jungle!


the official press release:

Summer Vibration 2023 annulation Alpha Blondy

"Last October, I had to undergo a small operation on a vocal cord which went very well and little by little my voice is regaining its full capacity. Thank goodness! However, my doctors advise me to rest a few more months, so I decided to continue my recovery by taking a sabbatical year. I was enthusiastic about the idea of meeting you to make you discover my latest album "Eternity" but it is only a matter of time before we can share together these precious moments. I hope my loyal audience will understand me. God bless you."

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